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Is it time to dump your Premium Bonds?

It promised a unique safe haven, but… 

Premium Bonds are operated by NS&I which is treasury-owned so your capital is as safe as it gets. This safety used to be a special charm, but these days all UK regulated savings accounts are protected up to £75,000 per person, per institution, by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. However, the maximum you can put in premium bonds is £50,000 – so the safety boon isn’t as big.

Premium Bonds are certainly not as good as they used to be, but ultimately it’s only worth re-allocating your cash if there’s something better out there.

So unless you’re extremely lucky, premium bonds earn far less than the top savings and most investments – the safest bet is to get rid of them.

The key to managing your wealth is to diversify and, if you want the potential for growth in this low interest rate environment, then the first option is to look at investing. Get in touch with Blacktower to find out more. 


Other News

Is May’s proposal “fair and serious” or does it put British expats in jeopardy?

EU FlagVery recently, Theresa May unveiled her “fair and serious” plans concerning Brexit and the rights of expats affected by it, but it has not been met with approval by either EU citizens in the UK or British expats living in EU member countries. British expats fear that Theresa May’s proposal may have ramifications for their own residency rights. Both groups have wished for all matters concerning their legal status to be settled early on in Brexit talks, but, so far, it seems the attempts made to progress matters have only caused further confusion.

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Debunking the Myths: Residency

Hand touching globeBritish people make up one of the highest percentages of expats in the world, it is estimated by the World Bank that between 4.5 million and 5.5 million Britons live abroad – around 7-8% of the UK population. Spain has become a firm favourite for people choosing to settle down overseas.

The United Nations Population Division found that over 381,025 official British expats were in Spain during 2013, with even more who are unofficially living ‘under the radar.’

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