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QROPS and Brexit negotiations

“The big difference between Gibraltar and the UK is that Gibraltar has a very clear view of where it needs to be,” said Picardo. “The UK economy is larger and has many more moving pieces, so it’s harder to move from the shock of the morning of the 24th to a clear position which takes into consideration all of those areas.”

Gibraltarians voted by an overwhelming 96 per cent to 4 per cent to stay in the EU – a higher margin than in any other eligible voting district. This has led to speculation that Gibraltar might somehow remain in Europe while maintaining its status as a British Overseas Territory. There is a precedent, of sorts. Greenland, which is, in effect, a Danish overseas territory, voted to leave the EU while still retaining its political links to Denmark.

Picardo has gone so far as to describe a “hard exit” Brexit deal as an “existential threat” to Gibraltar. This is partly because each day thousands of Spanish workers cross into Gibraltar to work; something which may not be tenable if Brexit negotiations bring an end to free movement of labour between the EU and the UK, including any overseas territories.

As it stands it is still possible, and potentially crucial, for British expats to seek financial advice in order to ensure a Gibraltar QROPS, although the continuance of this arrangement is likely to be something that will be up for discussion during Brexit negotiations.

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Getting your numbers right

During the last political year, we have been given statistic after statistic by politicians who sound like they know what they are talking about. They can, at times, sound very convincing and even believable. But how do we know what is right and what is not?  The average person has no idea how much being a member of the EU costs per day. While even experts don’t know precisely how much the UK will save by not having to pay the EU after it exits the European Union.

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Malta and Portugal have the best citizenship programmes

LighthouseWhen relocating to a new country, it’s good to know all your options so you can ensure you have the smoothest transition possible. For one thing, there’s the financial side to worry about.

This includes deciding on the best expat life insurance policy to buy as well as receiving expert pension transfer advice so that your retirement savings aren’t negatively affected by the move. 

Naturally, some nations offer a smoother residency transition, with Portuguese citizenship and Maltese citizenship among the best, according to research.

Understanding citizenship entry requirements

You will, of course, also need to be aware of the entry requirements for each country.

Several countries have systems in place with the goal of attracting expats who will be able to gain residency in return for an investment. In a post-Brexit world, these may be the best options for some overseas movers. Although not suitable for everyone, some of these systems are of a very high, reputable standard and hold a range of benefits for expats who are eligible. A recent survey has analysed which countries offer the best of these migration schemes, with people choosing to buy Malta citizenship and Portugal citizenship as a matter of priority.

What makes the best citizenship programmes?

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