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QROPS and Brexit negotiations

“The big difference between Gibraltar and the UK is that Gibraltar has a very clear view of where it needs to be,” said Picardo. “The UK economy is larger and has many more moving pieces, so it’s harder to move from the shock of the morning of the 24th to a clear position which takes into consideration all of those areas.”

Gibraltarians voted by an overwhelming 96 per cent to 4 per cent to stay in the EU – a higher margin than in any other eligible voting district. This has led to speculation that Gibraltar might somehow remain in Europe while maintaining its status as a British Overseas Territory. There is a precedent, of sorts. Greenland, which is, in effect, a Danish overseas territory, voted to leave the EU while still retaining its political links to Denmark.

Picardo has gone so far as to describe a “hard exit” Brexit deal as an “existential threat” to Gibraltar. This is partly because each day thousands of Spanish workers cross into Gibraltar to work; something which may not be tenable if Brexit negotiations bring an end to free movement of labour between the EU and the UK, including any overseas territories.

As it stands it is still possible, and potentially crucial, for British expats to seek financial advice in order to ensure a Gibraltar QROPS, although the continuance of this arrangement is likely to be something that will be up for discussion during Brexit negotiations.

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TOP TIPS – How to Avoid Scams

DetectiveThe Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) limitations in relation to scams and mis-sold products have been brought into the spotlight in recent months, with a number of high-profile scandals.

For example, last year nearly 12,000 London Capital & Finance (LCF) investors lost approximately £237m (€277.8m) as a result of investing in mis-sold speculative mini-bonds.* This is because they weren’t aware of how to spot a scam.

A clearly frustrated LCF bondholder told press that it should be an imperative for HM Treasury and the government to take steps to clarify and strengthen the law in relation to liability. The LCF bondholder also called on government ministers to ensure better regulation of online ads, to make avoiding scams easier for victims.

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SPOTLIGHT ON… Rosemary Sheppard, International Financial Adviser

Rosemary SheppardThis week we put the Spotlight On…Rosemary Sheppard who is a Blacktower International Financial Adviser in France, based in the Dordogne.

Rosemary’s career in the financial services sector began in 2008 when she signed up for what she initially imagined would be a “regular 9 to 5 job” at a bank. However, in the wake of that year’s global banking crisis, Rosemary re-evaluated her professional priorities and realised that the best way she could help clients in the difficult financial climate of the time would be to climb the career ladder to a position of influence. She was further excited by working under a new set of regulations that would offer clients an unprecedented level of extra protections.

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