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New expat radio for Brits in France

One constant source of minor, yet keenly felt, maladjustment has been the absence of reliable English-language radio. And, although the internet has made things easier for expats to receive Britain’s radio output, this is no substitute for a radio station that reflects and represents the circumstances of the community of its listeners.

Well, all this is set to change with the launch of Expat Radio, which, by broadcasting over the internet, cleverly avoids French language content requirements imposed on French radio stations by regulators in the country.

Dave Hailwood, director of Expat Radio and an expat of 11 years, says that people tune in online to their favourite radio stations from the UK because they enjoy the English-language banter and interaction.

He added, “I’m hoping to bring something new to the market – live discussion on everything from sport to property as well as up to date music – but make it relevant to expats in France and their unique situation”

Brexit is one issue that is likely to attract plenty of discussion among Expat Radio’s listeners over the coming months, with many of Britain’s 1.3 million expats in Europe frustrated by their inability to vote in the EU Referendum in June, particularly as so many have so much at stake in terms of their financial futures. retirement and tax planning concerns to the ongoing residence of their families.

We’re sure that Expat Radio in France will offer a useful platform for discussion of financial issues, but if you need specific advice in France on wealth management, investments, or retirement and tax planning, why not contact Blacktower advisers in France for English language advice from experts who understand the concerns of expats.

Other News

Custodial Sentence for Pensions Fraudster

PrisonAn investigation by The Pensions Regulator has for the first time resulted in an immediate custodial sentence for the perpetrator of professional pensions fraud, after William Bessent, an accountant who used his position as the trustee and administrator of a pension scheme to steal his clients’ savings, was sentenced to 40 months in prison. He pleaded guilty to multiple fraud charges, making prohibited employer-related investments, and separate charges of acting as a director while disqualified.

The landmark case, being heard at Preston Crown Court* will also hopefully result in the return of stolen funds. On July 5 the courts will seek to obtain a confiscation order in order to make Bessent repay the remainder of the money he owes; he has so far repaid £80,000 but owes a further £200,000.

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Expats Mount Fresh Referendum Challenge

EU FlagBritish expats in Spain, France, and Italy are behind a legal challenge submitted to the High Court in London calling on the result of the 2016 referendum to be invalidated.

Those behind the legal action argue that the outcome should not stand as it has now been proven that the Leave campaign broke the Electoral Commission’s rules on campaign spending.

The “UK in EU Challenge” group states its belief that two major campaign groups — BeLeave and Vote Leave – conducted their campaigns unlawfully, preventing the possibility of a free and fair vote.

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