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New expat radio for Brits in France

One constant source of minor, yet keenly felt, maladjustment has been the absence of reliable English-language radio. And, although the internet has made things easier for expats to receive Britain’s radio output, this is no substitute for a radio station that reflects and represents the circumstances of the community of its listeners.

Well, all this is set to change with the launch of Expat Radio, which, by broadcasting over the internet, cleverly avoids French language content requirements imposed on French radio stations by regulators in the country.

Dave Hailwood, director of Expat Radio and an expat of 11 years, says that people tune in online to their favourite radio stations from the UK because they enjoy the English-language banter and interaction.

He added, “I’m hoping to bring something new to the market – live discussion on everything from sport to property as well as up to date music – but make it relevant to expats in France and their unique situation”

Brexit is one issue that is likely to attract plenty of discussion among Expat Radio’s listeners over the coming months, with many of Britain’s 1.3 million expats in Europe frustrated by their inability to vote in the EU Referendum in June, particularly as so many have so much at stake in terms of their financial futures. retirement and tax planning concerns to the ongoing residence of their families.

We’re sure that Expat Radio in France will offer a useful platform for discussion of financial issues, but if you need specific advice in France on wealth management, investments, or retirement and tax planning, why not contact Blacktower advisers in France for English language advice from experts who understand the concerns of expats.

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British expats in EU want pensions clarity

There has never been a better time than now for British nationals living in the EU to consolidate their retirement plans by properly investigating their expat pensions options.

Post-Brexit, sterling has fallen dramatically against the euro and for many the uncertainty surrounding expat pensions is causing understandable anxiety.

Currently, British expats living in the EU receive an annual rise in the state pension; however, this could change in the post-Brexit environment, meaning that many face the prospect of frozen pensions and as a result are giving serious consideration to the idea of returning to the UK.

While these uncertainties are not to be dismissed lightly it is worth remembering that exit negotiations are yet to begin and freedom of movement and state and expat pensions are all likely to be issues for discussion once talks do start.

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