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Expat financial management should be part of EU debate

One financial advisor with an interest in expat wealth management told British press, “A fundamental EU rule is you should only pay social security contributions in one country. If you are UK tax resident, but work for an employer in mainland Europe, you will normally pay social security contributions in that country instead of UK National Insurance. Without renegotiation, Brexit could result in dispute between nations as to where the social security liability lies, or worse, a liability in both nations,”

It is not just expat wealth management and healthcare that form the chief concerns of British expats in Europe; there are also worries about the cultural and lifestyle impact that any proposed Brexit might have.

And expats are not alone in feeling concerned about the impact of leaving the EU. Last week the pound took a dramatic nosedive in its value against the Euro, with most saying the fall came as a result of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, voicing his strong backing of the “Yes to Brexit” vote.

To compound worries, long-term expats may not be able to have their say in the vote as there is a fifteen year rule in place under which UK expats who have lived outside the EU for fifteen years or more are not allowed to participate in a referendum. However, those in this position are not without power. They can still make their views known among family and friends and by sharing them over social media.

If you are concerned about how Brexit could affect you, or your loved ones living abroad, contact Blacktower to discuss the ramifications of a “Yes” vote on expat wealth management.

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Expats a Factor in Huge Pension Withdrawals

Pile of CoinsExpat pension needs are one of the major reasons behind the £15.3 billion the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) say was was taken from pensions during 2016/17.

The high level of withdrawals is no doubt attributable to the increased flexibility afforded UK pension savers by the introduction of landmark reforms over the past few years.

The £15.3 billion figure was disclosed following a Freedom Of Information request to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is a massive 173% increase on the £5.6bn that was withdrawn in 2012/13.

In fact, the second quarter of 2017 saw the highest quarterly level of pension withdrawals in five years – no doubt including many expat pensions withdrawals – with more than 40,000 people withdrawing £4.3bn from their pensions.

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