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International investment and financial planning firm Blacktower Financial Management Group has been announced as a winner in PAN Finance’s Most Trusted Wealth Management Services Europe 2022 award category.

The Blacktower Financial Management Group, providers of bespoke individual and corporate financial planning, announced today that it has received an award in PAN Finance’s Most Trusted Wealth Management Services Europe 2022 category.

The Blacktower Group was established 1986 to provide holistic financial planning to clients across the globe. Since opening their first offshore office in the Algarve in 2000, they have since expanded their regulatory footprint internationally and are now present in US, Cayman, Australia, Switzerland and across Europe.

 “It is a great honour to be recognised as one of Europe’s most trusted financial firms, and demonstrates the importance of providing a consistent, outstanding service, where the client is always prioritised”  asserts Group Managing Director, Gavin Pluck. “This award win is representative of yet another milestone in Blacktower’s growth and positioning as a global brand”.

PAN Finance is a print and online journal providing up-to-date insights into developments in the financial world. With a number of offices situated all over the globe, they have an extensive readership base of over 200,000 across 150 different countries.

PAN Finance asserts that ‘the PAN Finance Awards Programme was established to be a true indicator of excellence. Identifying organisations and individuals that have excelled in their respective fields, allows Pan Finance to shine a spotlight on and applaud leading examples of best practice’.

John Westwood, Chairman of Blacktower Financial Management, comments: ‘we are delighted to have our contribution to the wealth management landscape acknowledged and celebrated by such an established publication. This award is testament to the fact that despite our exponential growth in the last few years, we have been able to maintain the outstanding level of service that is so intrinsic to our brand’.

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Expats Can Take Advantage of Tax Changes in Murcia and Andalucía

Goals for 20182018 has brought good news for many expats tackling the idiosyncrasies of finance in Spain and, especially for those who want to manage their legacy planning successfully.

This is because British and other EU citizen expatriates in Spain have received a boost in relation to succession tax laws.

Under the Spanish regional system, expats in Spain (but not those from outside the EU or EEA) can avoid costly Spanish state succession rules on passing; instead they are able to take advantage of kinder regional laws, such as those just implemented by Murcia and Andalucía.

In these areas, if you have Spanish assets but have not quite yet become a fully-fledged expat or indeed if you have Spanish property but still reside full-time in the UK; your heirs, wherever they may live, are entitled to the full range of succession tax reliefs offered by the region in which your assets are invested. Sometimes this may be as much as 99% succession tax relief or, in some cases, total exemption.

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Blacktower View: Saving for grandchildren

Piggy bank in a nest of moneyMany British pensioners enjoy healthy private pensions or have built up substantial savings that more than meet their day to day living needs. It is not surprising then to learn that about one in ten elects to gift part of their savings to their grandchildren, with average gifts amounting to £15,000 according to a survey by OneFamily.

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