Expat Financial Advice a Must When Returning to UK

As the "will they, won't they" saga of Brexit rumbles on it is useful to look at some of the things expats can actually do to reaffirm their ties with the UK in the event that they plan to move back to Blighty at some point in the future.

The issue has taken on a new urgency for expats, particularly in regards to property, in light of the new surcharge that the government plans to introduce alongside stamp duty on second home and buy-to-let purchases in England.

Although Prime Minister Theresa May says that the surcharge is for "foreign buyers" and is being introduced with a view to assisting UK taxpayers buy a property – especially first-time buyers – it may have some unintended consequences.

This is because it is not just foreign buyers who are likely to find their pockets hit by the tax. Returning expats – who could well be a prominent demographic over the next few years – may also find themselves liable for the surcharge, potentially setting them back significantly on their way to reaching their wealth management objectives.

Unfortunately, HMRC has so far failed to provide any useful clarity on the issue, saying only that, "The Prime Minister has announced that foreign buyers looking to buy homes in the UK will face a higher stamp duty rate. We will consult on the details in due course."

Returning expats should be prepared and seek reliable international financial advice to guide them through the process of reintegrating to the UK. If a British citizen is planning to return to the UK, expat financial advisers can help them with strategies to reaffirm their ties to the UK in plenty of time so that they can avoid any unnecessary costs, taxes or indeed surcharges.

Blacktower Financial Management

Whether you are looking to move abroad, are preparing to stay abroad or are considering returning to the UK, Blacktower Financial Management can help you plan and structure your wealth and build for your retirement.

Our expat financial advisers in the Netherlands, Germany France and 12 other European offices understand the complex cross-border tax and financial issues that affect you and your money. And, because they are bilingual and locally-based, they can help you achieve the goals that are unique to your situation and location. For further information contact us today.

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