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5 Best Golf Courses in Portugal 

There are many wonderful and unique attractions to be found in Portugal, and there is, without doubt, something for everyone who visits this beautiful and varied country. However, it would be hard to find an activity in Portugal as popular with both the locals, tourists and expat population as golf. Due to the agreeable climate, beautiful views and landscapes and excellent facilities, Portugal offers some of the best golfing in the world, attracting players from across the globe to tournaments and golfing holidays alike. 

But what makes a good golf course?

When you are looking to find a course that will offer an enjoyable golfing experience, it is key to consider these factors:

  1. A coherent route throughout the course from hole-to-hole. 
  2. Pleasant and visually pleasing surroundings.
  3. Good drainage and turf maintenance. 
  4. A variation of holes, with different techniques required. 
  5. A challenging course that suits a range of skill levels. 
  6. Good facilities and equipment. 
  7. Intelligent scheduling.

Taking these factors into consideration, we have compiled a list of some of the best golf courses in Portugal for you to explore at your convenience, whether you are vacationing in the country or moving there permanently. 

Monte Rei Golf and Country Club 

The epitome of a luxury golf experience, Monte Rei Golf and Country club can be found in the eastern coastal region of the Algarve. Here, alongside fantastic views of both the mountains and the Atlantic, you will find not one, but two state-of-the-art golf courses, with all the luxury equipment and facilities you could want. The resort also offers excellent accommodation and dining options. 

Oitavos Dunes 

Located in the Sintra national park, the Oitavos offers not only golf to its visitors, but a whole range of activities including yoga, surfing, cycling and even helicopter rides. The golf course itself was voted ‘Best Golf Course in Portugal in 2017’ by Golf Magazine in 2017 and includes an interesting and varied range of holes. With the first tee being located only 100 yards from the hotel, this course offers convenience as well as style. 

Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Algarve 

Located in the beautiful area of Vilamoura, the Dom Pedro Victoria course is perfect for those who want to be challenged. Serving as the host venue to the Portugal Masters since 2007 and World Cup Championship in 2005, the course is renowned as one of the best not just in Portugal, but in the world. Designed by golfing legend Arnold Palmer, it is sure to keep even the most experienced golfers on their toes. 

Palmares Ocean Living and Golf 

Originally a family-owned course dating back to 1975, Palmares has undergone a complete transformation in the last couple of decades, resulting in it becoming a real golfing destination in Portugal. Combining three 9-hole courses, Palmares offers players flexibility in their approach and ensures that there is something for golfers of every level. As well as temporary accommodation, real estate is also available for purchase at the resort. 

Troia Golf Course

Troia’s 18-hole course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior, one of golf’s most respected course architects. Having designed over 500 golf courses, Jones commented that the third hole in this course is one of the best he has ever designed, making it a must-play for any golf fanatic. With very short walks from tee-to-tee and beautiful views afforded by the peninsula on which the course is located, Troia is definitely one to add to your list. 

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