Secure your financial future as an expat in The Netherlands from Spain

Welcome to Blacktower FM, your trusted partner for expat financial planning!

Expertise you can rely on

Our team of financial experts specializes in wealth solutions tailored specifically for expats in The Netherlands. From Wealth Tax to Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax to Property Tax, we have you covered.

A comprehensive range of financial solutions

At Blacktower FM, we offer a wide range of financial solutions designed to meet the unique needs of expats. Whether you’re looking for International Mortgages or International Pensions, our specialists are here to guide you every step of the way.

Invest with confidence

With our carefully curated investment portfolio and strategy, including Equities, Unit Trusts, OEICs, Investment Bonds, Pension Income and Rental Income options, you can rest assured that your money is working hard for you.

Your free consultation awaits

Ready to take control of your financial future? Contact us now for a free consultation with one of our specialist expat consultants. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure your finances and enjoy peace of mind as an expat in The Netherlands.

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