Homeowner’s Building Insurance in Germany

A home is normally the most valuable asset that we own and as such needs to be protected against damage or destruction. Homeowners building insurance protects buildings against hazards such as fire, water, vandalism and storms. With a building insurance it is possible to insure your home for up to the total value that a complete reconstruction of your house would cost, all for a relatively affordable premium.

Choose the buildings’ cover you need

Included in the cover can also be (if previously agreed) garages, carports, sheds, outbuildings, awnings, built-in kitchens and wardrobes and mail boxes, etc.. It not only covers the costs for all the repairs or the reconstruction of your home, but also all the costs for clearing up (including demolitions and decontamination ).

The hazards that you can insure against are any or all of the following:

  • Fire, implosions, explosions and lightening
  • Water damage through damaged drainage or mains water pipes
  • Damage occurring through storms and hail
  • Natural hazards such as floods, earthquakes and landslides

There are many details about your property that have to be collected to be able to offer you the right insurance. The questions regarding the insurance have to be answered in detail and correctly to make sure the right worth of your property is evaluated so that it can be 100% protected. Not only do we need the exact measurements of your property, we also need to know the date it was built, last renovated, what building materials were used, type of property, style of roof, height of rooms, if there are any outbuildings, garages, carports and many other details regarding the property.

As you can gather, it is extremely important and quite complicated to get right, therefore we strongly recommend arranging an appointment with you at your property to go over all the relevant points.

Finding the right homeowners building insurance cover for you

Please fill in your contact details below so that we can arrange to gather all the necessary information needed to be able to offer you the insurance that best meets your needs. Once we have your details we will contact you personally to talk through the next steps.

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If you would prefer to contact us in writing, please download the PDF and send it to the address supplied on the form.

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