How to invest as a US expat

Investments in the US and abroad

Join our live webinar to find out how to overcome the problems specifically facing US expats abroad

Investments in the US and abroad

Do you want to understand the challenges US expats face when investing? Do you want to invest as a US expat but are facing difficulties? Have you had your US investments and retirement accounts restricted or closed? Join our webinar with Luke Staden, International adviser, on Wednesday January 10th at 6pm GMT/7pm CET find out how you overcome these problems and make the most of your money.

In this webinar we will discuss the following:

Why do US expats face so many difficulties investing?

  • US based assets
  • Investment accounts being restricted or closed.
  • Retirement accounts being restricted or closed.
    • Non-US Based Investments
    • What is FATCA?
    • How PFICs can punish US expats
  • How to overcome difficulties facing US based assets
  • How to overcome difficulties facing Non US based investments
  • Q&A session

Join Luke Staden, International Financial Adviser, as he describes the problems facing US expats and the solutions to overcome them in our live webinar

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