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Patrick Macdonald

International Financial Adviser

Previous Experience

Patrick is a qualified international financial adviser working from the Marbella office. For many years in the UK he ran his own financial services company and is a ‘child’ of the FSA regime.

Patrick has clients all over Spain, Europe and the Middle East and regularly makes visits to them in person. His mission is to deliver a service which enlightens clients to the financial planning choices available to them as expatriates and to structure their finances in a tax efficient, secure and legal manner.

Areas of Expertise


  • CISI Level 4 UK Regulation
  • CISI Wealth Management
  • CeMAP 1,2,3


  • Associated member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (ACSI), membership number 143815
  • Institute of Financial Services


Blacktower Magazine Issue 9: The Changing Pensions Landscape, Page 23 


"I came to see Patrick and his team 2 years ago as my pension was under performing and I was unhappy with the advice that I was receiving from my previous advisors. My pension was given a complete overhaul by Blacktower and I'm pleased to say that my pension is performing positively again. Thank you Patrick." Mr Rimell

"Patrick has been providing advice with regard to Spanish compliant bonds and my QROPS transfer and investment for a number of years and he is extraordinarily helpful and always available. What also impresses us is that he acknowledges when he does not have an immediate answer to a technical question but will then research the question and provide an answer as soon as practicable. He also manages to explain things in a language even I can understand." Mr Fisher

"We have been using Patrick and Blacktower for a year now, and so far have no complaints about the service we have received.

Ours was a particularly difficult case for him to take on, as our financial situation was in a very bad state at the time.  We had previously had 3 very bad experiences with IFAs in Spain, through whom we had lost hundreds of thousands of pounds/euros/dollars. Our story is long and complicated, but here it is, as briefly as possible:-

When moving here we had had no previous experience of using IFAs, and my husband was very seriously ill at the time with a very short life expectancy, so we decided we needed help in investing our money and sorting out our financial affairs for us.  We heard a firm advertising on the radio and contacted them, and they sent their local man to see us.  All went well initially and we very much left matters in his hands.  However, after a few years things started going very wrong and then suddenly, after the Rothschild scam he had also introduced us to turned pear shaped (putting our home at risk as well), he decided to retire.  He passed us on to another IFA in Gibraltar, who then suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth before he had done anything he promised us, and we were eventually picked up by another man (also based in Gibraltar) who had apparently taken over the previous man’s clients.  He was full of talk and ideas of how to rectify our situation but after another two years of procrastination had done absolutely nothing and consequently our situation was even worse, so we withdrew from our arrangement with him.  I then discovered that none of these men were properly qualified or regulated.

Consequently, I spent several months researching properly all the IFAs in southern Spain, and the companies they worked for, and composed a comprehensive check list by which to assess them all.  I interviewed several and spoke to many more on the telephone.  I eventually short listed them down to 3 who seemed to meet my criteria.  (It should be said that there were some who actually did not want to represent us because of the financial mess we were in.)  I found it hard to choose between the last two but finally settled on Patrick, who obviously was keen to accept the challenge.

Since then, Patrick has worked tirelessly for us, doing his best to rectify our situation to the best of his ability.  He has worked with us to try to reclaim some of our lost investments and is currently supporting us in a court case in the UK against Rothschild.  Needless to say, we still have a long way to go before (if ever) we will be anywhere near the same position we were before, but at least at last we have stopped losing money!

Patrick is a keen, young, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, pro-active, honest, personable man who is properly qualified and has good support and back up from a properly regulated company.  He is kind, caring, and supportive.  He visits us regularly when needed, is dependable and always responds immediately to emails and phone calls.  It is unfair to judge him on the new investments he has made for us so far as the timing was not good with the market being so volatile during the last year, but we feel we can trust his advice on this, and we know he is keeping a careful eye on everything with our best interest at heart." Mr and Mrs Carney



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