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How To Emigrate As An American Moving To Europe

If you’re a US citizen who’s been considering moving to Europe from the States you’re definitely not alone; over the past year the number of Americans interested in relocating across the pond has skyrocketed, with Portugal, Greece, Spain, France, and The Netherlands all topping the list of most popular destinations.  As an American moving to […]

US interest in moving to Europe increases by 40%

Sotheby’s International Realty has reported that the number of Americans registering requests to move from the States to Greece in the last month has increased by 40%  compared to the same period last year. Their latest report has also revealed that their revenue from US expats in Italy has increased from 5% to 12% in […]

5 of the easiest European countries for Americans to move to

If you’re a US citizen looking for a taste of life in Europe, you might be intimidated by the process of relocating, which many assume to be logistically taxing and financially complex. However, if you choose your relocation destination carefully, you can drastically reduce the workload and stress levels associated with moving abroad by making […]

Why Americans are Moving to Europe

A strong exchange rate, affordable housing, and free healthcare are just some of the reasons leading so many American citizens to make the move across the pond. With a range of visas making emigrating easier than ever for expats in a variety of circumstances, thousands of US nationals are making Europe their new home, with […]


Blacktower Financial Management have been made aware of certain fraudulent schemes that have been conducted by individuals or organisations claiming to represent Blacktower Group. This type of fraud tends to occur through online services including bogus websites, social media accounts, or through unsolicited emails or text messages. The aim of the fraud is to trick […]

The Rise and fall of the Finfluencer

Whilst social media has presented many with the opportunity to learn new skills and enrich their understanding of complex subjects, the increased access to knowledge it has provided has also resulted in some counterproductive developments, particularly when it comes to the financial services industry. Popular social media outlets such as TikTok and Instagram have provided […]

What are the best cities to move to in Portugal?

Any expats still looking for incentives to move to Portugal need only look at the sheer variety of styles, culture, and activities in Portugal’s major cities, charming rural towns, and quaint seaside resorts; Brits moving to Portugal will find there’s an area to suit every lifestyle. Lisbon Many expats choose to join Lisbon’s 504,718 population, not […]

The Best European Cities for Expats to Live and Work in 2022

Making the decision to move abroad is never easy; often, choosing where you want to move to can be one of the most overwhelming choices to make, with a host of factors and questions to consider. With such a wide array of interesting and vibrant cities across Europe, it can be difficult to know where […]

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