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The Blacktower Group was formed in 1986 to provide independent wealth management advice and a bespoke service for both individual and corporate clients.






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We are one of the most comprehensive and experienced wealth management companies around and our range of holistic financial planning services covers all your needs whether you are in the UK or further afield.

– John Westwood, Group Chairman

2017 marked a new frontier for The Blacktower Group as we made our entry into the US market with wealth management and financial advice for UK and dual-nationals who are resident in the United States. If you are looking for proven professionalism and attention to detail to help you achieve your financial aspirations, consider Blacktower today.

With a British approach and a largely British staff, coupled with in-depth technical and practical understanding of financial planning considerations in the US, we believe we offer a unique service. However, you don’t have to be British to enjoy the Blacktower advantage, we work with clients across the world and have offices in more than 15 locations. Make your money work for you with Blacktower’s holistic service.

The Blacktower Benefit

Perhaps you are one of the 1.3m Brits residing in the United States, do you have assets on both sides of the pond and don’t feel that your needs are fully catered for by any of the various mainstream US financial institutions? Or perhaps you are a pensioner settled in the states and own significant cross-border assets.

The special relationship that exists between the UK and the US has always meant we have something of a “soft spot” for the American dream and so, it’s no surprise that many nationals end up falling for the US when they visit. But the shift from UK financial services to a US equivalent can be something of a rude awakening.

At Blacktower we bring the intelligent management of UK and US retirement assets under one roof, offering a personalised and cohesive service that takes full account of all the relevant cross-border regulatory opportunities and restrictions.

Whatever your financial needs and regardless of whether you are a single individual or a representative of a family unit we can cater for you to ensure you have a higher likelihood of achieving your retirement and financial planning goals. We provide unrivalled customer service and competitive fees from qualified advisers.

Latin America, Mexico & Caribbean

The Blacktower Group has a 35-year heritage but is also an innovative and forward-thinking firm. We have now added to our offering an impeccable group of IFAs working from bases in NYC and Florida. These locations enable our IFAs to easily service clients in Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean, with representatives able to meet and liaise with clients living below the border. We believe that British expats in these regions have been neglected for too long by the expat IFA industry, with the majority historically focusing on Europe, Africa and the Middle East; Blacktower is ready to change this.

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