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There are many reasons why our clients choose to save money on a monthly basis, whether it is to supplement their retirement provision, save for future education fees or they may just simply want to invest into the markets with an affordable monthly amount.

For example, in most major currencies, simply saving surplus income in a bank account will produce a return that is less than or barely above current inflation rates. It therefore makes sense for our clients to look for better ways to make use of their accumulating capital by utilising a flexible, monthly savings vehicle that will offer greater potential for growth.

We offer a range of simple, flexible and cost effective saving schemes from international product providers and because we are an independent Financial Advisory firm, we are able to identify and recommend the most cost effective and appropriate solution for each clients circumstances, objectives, budget and risk profile.

Ultimately, Blacktower are here to ensure that for whatever purpose, your future financial goals or targets are reached. 

Education Fee Planning

As everyone knows, the cost of sending your children on to further education is on the rise and preparing for these costs early is now a key part of effective financial planning.

Over 70% of parents or other family members pay for education fees from current earnings or short term savings, this can make a huge impact on your monthlydisposable income so therefore adequate planning and time management is essential.

After all you want to ensure that your children get an excellent start in life dictated by their grades, not your bank balance!

International Pension Planning

Retirement and in particular pension schemes are front-page news these days.

Whether its underfunded schemes that can no longer meet their obligations, people that have not saved enough during their working life or the fact that most governments are worried about whether they can afford to continue paying national pensions, the future can look pretty bleak.

In reality, it’s never too early to plan for your retirement as by making sound financial decisions now, and giving these investments time to grow, you can take the burden or reliance off schemes that in reality you have very little control over.

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