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The NPML story

NPML was founded as a partnership between Blacktower Financial Management Group (“Blacktower”) and Nova Wealth Limited (“NWL”) in order to bring a flexible and personalised discretionary investment management service exclusively to clients of the Blacktower Group.

Through the partnership with NWL, Blacktower’s clients are benefitting from a 15 year investment pedigree and uncompromising commitment to achieving the best possible risk-adjusted returns.

NWL has a proven track record of solid performance in all market conditions and shows sustained outperformance against peers. The company remains privately owned, which means our objectives are firmly aligned with those of our clients.


Our independence means we have total flexibility both in terms of pricing and investment product. We have no third party or ‘big bank’ ties.


We have demonstrated solid performance through one of the most challenging periods of investment in decades. We have strong track records in GBP, USD and EUR that show outperformance against peers in both absolute and risk-adjusted terms.


Our investment committee is comprised of investment professionals with international backgrounds, providing diverse views. We focus on providing a tailored institutional style service to our clients, both in terms of pricing and investment processes.


We have a very competitive and transparent fee structure relative to the industry. We believe the industry has been opaque for far too long and clients deserve to have a full and clear understanding of the costs involved in their investment.

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Nexus Portfolio Management Limited “NPML” is a boutique offshore investment manager offering an exclusive discretionary investment management service to the clients of the Blacktower Group. We are headquartered in Guernsey and licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. We are wholly owned by senior management and are truly independent.

Discretionary investment management services

Our discretionary service is highly flexible and brings the full capabilities of our global experiences and expertise to your portfolio.

We provide a tailored investment solution wherein we formulate an appropriate strategy based on our understanding of your individual investment parameters, circumstances, aspirations and risk profile.

Our modular portfolios are constructed to cater for a range of risk mandates, and can be based in Sterling, US Dollar or Euro.

These actively managed portfolios have a strong history of success in all market conditions and show sustained outperformance against peers.

Although there are upper limits regarding risk asset allocations within each model portfolio, we retain full freedom on portfolio construction depending on the market conditions, in line with our focus on risk management and capital protection.

Brokerage, custodial & platform services

Our brokerage service is for those clients who only wish to custody their assets with us, and execute transactions through us. We will not recommend any transactions to you or give any investment advice. We do, however, still provide full online access as well as valuations quarterly.

Our global custodian is one of the world’s foremost tier one custodians and has earned distinction as an industry leader.

Risk reporting

Risk analysis and management is fundamental to our investment process. We analyse the risk and performance of client portfolios, as well as underlying investments, using MATLAB, which is industry leading financial technology used by the top ten US commercial banks and 11 of the top 15 hedge funds. We provide risk analysis reports to our clients, as well as third party trustees and institutions.

Guernsey as a jurisdiction

For more than fifty years, Guernsey has been one of the world’s best-regarded and most successful international finance centres. Its regulatory and fiscal environment is perfectly suited to enable businesses in fields such as fiduciary, banking, investment and fund management to excel. Its strong reputation is based on core services and regulatory standards of the highest quality. Guernsey leads global rankings in anti-money laundering and has a transparent tax regime.

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Nexus Portfolio Management Limited (NPML) is licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

NPML is registered in Guernsey 67291 / Registered Office: PO Box 488, Anson Court, La Route des Camps, St Martin, Guernsey, GY1 6BR

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