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Execution Only Services

Confidence without the hassle – Blacktower provides investing solutions to fit your needs.

If you are an experienced investor who can confidently make decisions regarding your portfolio, Blacktower is happy to execute the trades on your behalf.  

As part of our execution-only services, clients have to access global markets across 36 stock exchanges, in more than 15 different currencies.  

Available investments include the following: 

  • Equities
  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Fixed income/bonds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Funds

Experience is Key

Execution only services are suitable for experienced investors who are confident in negotiating the buying and selling of securities. It is essential that any execution-only investor understands the risks involved. For example, investments may fall in value and it is possible that your investments may pay you back less than the value of your initial investment.

Execution Only – Handling your Specific Trade Requests

It is important to understand that execution-only investment services do not come with personal advice regarding the suitability of investments and your portfolio as a whole – we do not tell you whether we think a particular fund, share or stock is a good buy for you.

Instead, you are in control; we simply act on your instructions to execute requested trades, whether they relate to stocks, options, ETFs, bonds or foreign exchange. Whatever your motivation to trade independently, be sure that you have the wealth to withstand any losses you might sustain while using an execution-only service.

Part of Your Investment Arsenal

Experienced investors may have the confidence, desire and curiosity to test their ability on the stock market, but, even for seasoned investors, it is unlikely that an execution-only service will form the sole component of their entire investment strategy.

Many investors choose to use an execution-only investment service alongside the assistance and expertise provided by an international financial adviser and discretionary fund management service.

As a client of Blacktower Cayman you have access to our expert research and other resources that may serve to help you gain some understanding of the context of the market in which your investments sit.

Blacktower Cayman in Georgetown

The Cayman Islands offers opportunities inherent in being one of the world’s most desirable financial jurisdictions.

Here at Blacktower we work to ensure that our Cayman clients receive advice and or services that work towards their financial objectives and circumstances.

Whether you want help with regular savings, retirement planning, more general wealth management or execution-only services, we can help you achieve your goals.

For more advice talk to our specialists in Georgetown today.

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