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Services for seafarers

The Blacktower Group began life in 1986 and ever since has been providing independent wealth management advice and services to clients across the world, including high net worth individuals and yachting crew members who spend a large proportion of their time away at sea.

Financial and investment advice is complex even at the best of times, but having confidence in your products, services and the on-going management of your affairs is particularly important when you spend weeks or months at a time away, either on the water or in remote locations across the globe.

Blacktower brings expertise and knowledge of multiple jurisdictions wherever you are and whatever your particular needs – from education fee and pension planning to your general wealth management needs – we can help you plan successfully for a prosperous financial future.

Although we have consultants throughout Europe who speak the language of their country of residence, all of them also speak English so that you can have every confidence that we will help you achieve the right yachting financial solutions.

Seafarers Bank Accounts

The Seafarer Account is a unique account designed to meet the exclusive needs of yacht crew. We work with Standard Bank Isle of Man in order to offer you access to a banking service that is fundamental when working in the worldwide yachting industry.

Account Overview

  • available in GBP, EUR, USD and AU
  • minimum balance £2,500, US $3,500, €2,500 and AU $3,500 (as applicable)
  • free electronic payments*
  • no minimum income requirement
  • Visa debit card
  • 24/7 internet banking

* Free for all UK and international electronic transfers and Standard Order payments. However, any agents’ charges, foreign correspondents’ charges or indirect costs incurred in connection with transactions undertaken at your request will be passed onto you.


  • You are new to Standard Bank
  • You are 18 years or over
  • You are employed on a vessel
  • You are able to meet the minimum balance requirement of €2,500 or currency equivalent

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Savings Plans

Blacktower’s experience of the marine industry helps us build offshore saving plans for groups of seafarers with world-class Life Insurers.

We are also able to provide advice and assistance in setting up personal international retirement plans so that your money works for and serves your financial goals, allowing you to enjoy greater peace of mind when travelling the world’s oceans.

Our savings plans are built to meet the needs of Seafarers working under contracts from different countries. This helps you ensure that your plans are suitable to your particular circumstances and goals; in contrast to a savings plan designed to fulfil more general purposes for land residents.

Yacht Crew Mortgage solutions

At Blacktower we are able to help source and provide solutions with Seafarer’s Mortgages. This means that if you earn USD or Euros but wish to secure a mortgage in GBP we can help you negotiate the complex and confusing area of Foreign Currency Mortgages for Seafarers.

Whether you are self-employed or on an employed seafarers contract, we can help; if you are a first-time buyer or a mover or simply want to re-mortgage the land lies differently for seafarers and our experienced, independent financial advisers have the knowledge and expertise to help provide you with tailored solutions.

Yachting Financial Solutions

Most existing financial products on the market aren’t necessarily suitable for yacht crew, many of whom have very particular needs that reflect their itinerant and marine lifestyle.

At Blacktower we understand how your banking, investment and insurance needs are different to those of people not in the yachting industry and have optimised a range of products and services to this end.

Our specialist advisers can help with regular investment and lump sum investment as well as in the provision of specialised life or critical illness insurance to protect you and your family financially from the particular risks and considerations you face.

Seafarer’s Financial Advice

Blacktower uses its experience, qualifications and local and international knowledge to match you with the products and services that are best suited to your circumstances as a seafarer.

We have consultants throughout Europe, as well as in Grand Cayman. All speak English as well as the language of the country they operate in. All listen to you and your needs so that it is your financial goals that drive our communications.

All share the same aim: to provide yachting financial solutions that help you better realise your financial aspirations and dreams.

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