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Spotlight On … João Martins

This week we put the spotlight on João Martins, an International Financial Adviser with Blacktower in Portugal. He is a UK-qualified financial adviser who possesses a Level 4 Certificate in Paraplanning (APP) from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI) and he is a fluent speaker of English and Portuguese.

Finance – as Much a Personal Passion as a Profession

At a time when many of his contemporaries were planning to be footballers or pop stars, João was already plotting his career in finance – even at such a tender age he had worked out that a person's level of wealth is not always commensurate with how hard they work or how much money they earn; instead, João realised that wealth is often determined by an individual's willingness to plan and to invest astutely.

Today João brings this approach to his clients by combining his passion for economics with all the knowledge and expertise he has accrued over the years – this allows him to make a positive impact on their financial situations.

Keeping pace with a changing regulatory environment

João has discovered that his client-focused approach agrees with the long-term trend towards enhanced regulation, transparency and consumer protection. This means that he has welcomed changes such as GDPR, MiFID II and commission disclosure in Malta and Isle of Man at a time when many other advisers have struggled to successfully adapt.

The human factor in financial advice

With a long-term commitment to clarity and transparent communication with his clients, João takes enormous satisfaction in knowing that he has helped clients to not only foster positive financial plans for the future but also to fully understand what has been recommended to them.

João believes that financial advisers should never underestimate the importance of the human factor in the client-adviser relationship. Clients are full of dreams, fears and questions as they begin the planning process and often taking a giant step into the unknown. And their fears and anxieties are manifold: do they have enough to afford the lifestyle they envisage? How are they going to provide for their families in the case of their death? What's the most tax efficient treatment for their income? How can they invest without taking on unnecessary risks?

João understands that the only way to earn the satisfaction of a client's smile at the end of a meeting is to listen carefully, answer honestly and to deliver specific, personalised solutions.

Making the most of a brilliant location

Living in the Algarve is a special privilege and, like many of his clients, João cannot think of a better place to be. Not only does the area offer nine months of summer, it also boasts world-class golf courses, the thermal spas of Monchique, authentic Portuguese markets and outstanding wine and food. But João also cites the enviable tax rates and investment opportunities as another reason to be thankful for being able to live and work in the Algarve.

João's one, invaluable piece of advice is…

If you are relocating to Portugal, make sure you receive information about finances, investments etc. from a regulated, licensed adviser from the outset as the cost getting this aspect of a move wrong can be huge. According to João, there is only one guarantee when becoming an expat: "It won't happen as you expect."

Working towards the long-term

As an international financial adviser in Portugal, João cannot help but look towards the future. Being part of the Blacktower team that has thrived as a result of its willingness to embrace regulatory disclosure and consumer protection changes has affirmed his belief that the best way to thrive and prosper is to adapt, while remaining disciplined to an overarching plan.

He brings this ethos to all aspects of his work and this helps to explain why so many of his relationships have resulted in solid bonds, friendship and, crucially, positive financial outcomes for his clients.

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