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Average yearly wage

90,000 Swiss Francs (CHF) = £70,000

Average retirement age


Average weekly working hours



Swiss Francs (CHF)

With amazingly beautiful landscapes coupled with the highest wages in the world and an exceptional standard of living, Switzerland is a popular choice for many.

Living in Switzerland

Switzerland has a significant share of foreign residents and you can see why. It has the highest wages in the world, relatively low tax rates and an excellent standard of living with good healthcare, education and transport links.

If you are considering moving to Switzerland or have already settled there, now might be the right time to think about your financial plans, so you can be confident about the future.

Cost of living in Switzerland

  • Pint of beer – 6.00 CHF (£4.70)
  • Cappuccino – 4.60 CHF (£3.60)
  • Meal in a restaurant – 25 CHF (£19.70)
  • Monthly rent for 1 bedroom apartment – 2,000 CHF (£1,575)
  • Population – 64,420

Benefits of living in Switzerland


Switzerland is consistently the first or second country for highest annual wages. This is married to protected working conditions, good holidays and relatively low income tax.

Quality of life

The air is fresh, crime is very low, public services are good and everywhere is exceptionally clean.

Natural beauty

Switzerland lives up to its reputation of having fairytale landscapes and picture postcard towns and villages.

Education and healthcare

Possibly as you’d expect in a country with high wages, Switzerland fares exceptionally well in annual surveys and global reports on education and healthcare.


Switzerland is situated at the heart of Europe, so whether you choose to go by train or plane, it is relatively easy and affordable to explore other parts of the continent. If you are travelling inside the country, you’ll experience some of the cleanest and most efficient inter and intra city transport.

Best places to move to in Switzerland


Located on the lake of the same name and often referred to as the ‘world’s smallest metropolis’, Geneva hosts a number of international institutions, giving it a more multicultural atmosphere than other Swiss cities. Located in the French region of the country it has good connections to the rest of Europe and excellent ski resorts are easy to reach.


This city is Switzerland’s main business destination and is home to many international companies with banking and media and technology being strong sectors. It is a beautiful historic old town that boasts an abundance of museums, art galleries, restaurants, clubs and bars.


The capital of Switzerland and the political hub of the country. However, Bern is the ideal location for those looking for a quieter existence and a smaller town feel. It is more picturesque than the larger cities above and if you’re looking for the traditional Swiss image of little cabins with colourful flower boxes, the Bern could be the place for you.

Managing your finances in Switzerland

We work to ensure that our clients are matched with the right financial products and services wherever in the world they live.

Our representatives can assist you with the full range of financial matters and wealth management services, including inheritance tax planning, pension planning, pension transfer schemes, savings and investments.

We listen to you to ensure that our expertise is fully directed towards helping you achieve your objectives.

Why not talk to Blacktower’s independent financial advisers to plan for a more secure and prosperous financial future today. Contact us and we can arrange a call at a time that suits you.

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