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Living in Costa Blanca

Extending from Gandia in the north to Murcia in the south, the 200-kilometre stripe of Spain’s Costa Blanca is a stunning place to live, and is a magnet for British expats seeking a picturesque new home. The region benefits from outstanding transport links and world-class international schools, not to mention endless beaches and beautiful Spanish coastal countryside to explore.

There are tax exemptions available for expats who are non-resident in Spain. However, austerity measures have led to the tightening of certain Spanish taxation laws, and it is important to take new legislation into account to avoid paying more than you need to.

At Blacktower, we are adept at navigating such changes, having advised Costa Blanca expats on their wealth and asset management for over three decades. Our team, based in Alicante, can help you explore inheritance planning options and pension choices such as QROPS and SIPPs.

Cost of living in Costa Blanca

  • Pint of beer: 2.50 EUR (£2.23)
  • Cappuccino: 1.67 EUR (£1.49)
  • Meal in a restaurant: 13.08 EUR (£11.69)
  • Monthly public transport pass: 41.60 EUR (£37.17)
  • Population: Around 40 million

Benefits of living in Costa Blanca

While people flock to Costa Blanca for the warm weather and stunning scenery, the property prices and the reduced cost of living are also a significant draw for expats.

The property prices

While in the neighbouring Costa del Sol it is rare to find property prices dipping below €250,000, you can find attractive two- or three-bedroom homes starting at €100,000 throughout Costa Blanca, with rural properties in mountainous areas offering particularly good value for money. Apartment living is even cheaper, with property available in locations like Alicante for as little as €50,000.

The cost of living

The cost of living is another part of the appeal of moving to Costa Blanca, with the price of groceries, rent, and restaurant food all cheaper than most parts of the UK. Compared to living in a city in northern England, consumer prices are 14.91 per cent lower in Costa Blanca, while groceries are 13.21 per cent cheaper. Eating out at a restaurant is on average 23.32 per cent cheaper in the Costa Blanca, making the good life all the more accessible.

The sunshine and beaches

The average annual temperature in Costa Blanca is a comfortable 18.1°C, peaking in August when the average hits 26.1°C, and dropping to an average of 10.9 °C in January. It would be remiss of us not to mention the region’s remarkable beaches, 81 of which hold Blue Flag certification for quality, safety and environmental standards.

Best areas to move to in Costa Blanca

Whether you want to blend the health-giving benefits of the Costa Blanca climate with a life in the city or a slice of rural idyll, the region has a place to suit everyone’s taste. 


  • Pint of beer: 2.90 EUR (£2.59)
  • Cappuccino: 1.73 EUR (£1.55)
  • Meal in a restaurant: 12 EUR (£10.72)
  • Monthly public transport pass: 40 EUR (£35.73)
  • Population: 331,577

Alicante’s popularity has not spoiled the charm of its glorious golden beaches, nor its thriving rural towns, medieval ruins, or its rugged Mediterranean landscapes. Tourism props up the city’s economy but longstanding Spanish trades continue to flourish, with working vineyards, farms, and fisherman to be found everywhere you look. Alicante boasts a number of outstanding international schools, high-quality public healthcare available to expats, and excellent rail links with Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid, not to mention an extensive electric tram system throughout the city and to Benidorm.


  • Pint of beer: 2.62 EUR (£2.34)
  • Cappuccino: 1.83 EUR (£1.64)
  • Meal in a restaurant: 17.25 EUR (£15.41)
  • Monthly public transport pass: 20 EUR (£17.87)
  • Population: 27,224

People have lived in Javea for over 30,000 years, with the area having been home to cave-dwelling settlers in prehistoric times. Nowadays Javea hosts a harmonious blend of Spaniards and expats, all of whom enjoy the attractive port, year-round sea swimming, and well-preserved old town with its winding narrow streets and independent shops and cafes. Golfers and tennis players will find much to enjoy in this well-appointed sporting town, and there are pleasure boats for hire if you prefer to be out on the water. Javea is an idyllic family resort that has become a much-loved place to retire.


  • Pint of beer: 2.00 EUR (£1.79)
  • Cappuccino: 1.47 EUR (£1.31)
  • Meal in a restaurant: 10 EUR (8.94)
  • Monthly public transport pass: 65 EUR (£58.09)
  • Population: 86,511

The third major city in the Alicante province and the fifth in the Valencian Community, Torrevieja boasts 71 square kilometres of coastline and 11 kilometres of parks and green spaces. Located between the mouth of the Segura river and the rural fields of Vega Baja, the city has a population comprising 60 per cent Spaniards and 40 per cent people of international origin. Torrevieja is known for its salt mining heritage and its stunning beaches, many of which are surrounded by cafes and shops. Street markets and quality restaurants make Torrevieja a foodie hot spot, and this city by the sea is popular among families and young people alike who are moving to Costa Blanca.

Managing your finances in Costa Blanca

At Blacktower, we strive to ensure our clients have complete financial peace of mind, so that they can focus on enjoying living in Costa Blanca.

We have a team based in Alicante, in the heart of Costa Blanca, and our experienced staff can make sure your inheritance tax planningpension planning, pension transfer schemes, and savings and investments are managed in a way that best suits your needs.

Our independent financial advisers are here to provide tailored advice on your wealth management needs, or to discuss SIPPs or QROPS ahead of your move to Spain.

To get in touch, simply fill out the contact form above, or call us directly on +351 289 355 685. Alternatively, get more financial advice in Spain, or get information for residents of Spain with UK pensions.

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