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Gibraltar is a very special location with many financial benefits for expats. Enjoy the best of Britain with a gloriously sunny outlook.


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Average yearly wage


Average retirement age

60 for men, 65 for women

Average weekly working hours

37.5 hours


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In many ways, living in Gibraltar combines the best of Britain – its schools, wages and legal system – with the best of the nearby Costa Del Sol – the pleasant climate and opportunities for relaxing and fun.

Living in Gibraltar

Living in Gibraltar brings many benefits. Not only is the cost of living cheaper than in the UK, there is no chargeable VAT, mortgages are favourable and you can enjoy long, warm summers and rain-free skies. In many ways, living in Gibraltar combines the best of Britain – its schools, wages and legal system – with the best of the nearby Costa Del Sol – the pleasant climate and opportunities for relaxing and fun.

There are also good job prospects – particularly in the betting and tourism industries – and twice-daily flights from Gatwick as well as flights from other UK airports, so you can still make the most of travelling, visiting family, or having friends and relatives come to stay.

Gibraltar is bilingual but schools use the UK’s National Curriculum. Those who work in Gibraltar and pay social security are entitled to use the healthcare system.

For expats who are already enjoying the special location and status of Gibraltar, now might be the right time to think about your financial plans in the British Overseas Territory.

Cost of living in Gibraltar

  • Pint of beer: £3.25
  • Cappuccino: £2.14
  • Meal in a restaurant: £11
  • Monthly public transport pass: £10
  • Population: 33,687

Benefits of living in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a sunny, relaxed and peaceful place to live. The combination of a Spanish climate and British sensibilities make it an obvious choice for UK expats looking for a sunnier place to call home, especially for retirees.

British culture

As Gibraltar is a British Territory, the culture is a combination of British and Spanish influences. But there are, as you might expect, lots of UK expats in Gibraltar, and as a result there’s a close-knit and welcoming community. You can expect a lot less of the culture shock you might feel if you moved elsewhere in Spain or to the Costa del Sol.

Fiscal advantages

One of the main benefits for UK expats moving to Gibraltar is the favourable financial system. The standard corporation tax is 10%, and there is no capital gains tax, sales tax, or VAT. Residents don’t have to pay inheritance tax, interest on their savings, or any tax on income from their pensions. For these reasons, it can make a lot of financial sense to move to Gibraltar – which is also why you should consider speaking to the professionals at Blacktower to make sure you’re making the most of your finances.

A stunning landscape

Gibraltar boasts a diverse and varied landscape, with nearly 40% of the headland housing a protected nature reserve. The Rock, the limestone monolith that dominates the landscape, is an impressive and iconic sight that’s also home to a colony of Barbary macaques, the only wild monkey population in Europe. Residents enjoy beaches, dramatic bays and inlets, and beautiful botanical gardens, so there’s plenty to enjoy and explore.

Best places to move to in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is small and densely populated, but there are still areas with unique feels where plenty of UK expats can choose to live.

Ocean Village

Ocean Village is one of the most sought-after areas in Gibraltar. This modern, vibrant and trendy neighbourhood is built around the marina, and is sometimes referred to as a mini Marbella. With a casino, restaurants and exclusive luxury bars and clubs, there’s a lot to enjoy here. If you’re moving to Gibraltar and hoping for a busy social life, this could be the place for you.

Living in Ocean Village can be expensive, as a lot of the property options here are limited to nice or even luxury apartments with shared pools and amazing views. But if you have the money to invest, you won’t find a better hotspot on Gibraltar, and all conveniences and amenities are within easy walking distance.

Old Town

Gibraltar’s Old Town is a charming and somewhat eclectic mix of cultures, with the traditional ‘Spanish Old Town’ architecture and feel, with Moorish influences and sunny plazas full of cafes, but with the addition of traditional English pubs and shops.

Property here – as with much of Gibraltar – is mostly focused on apartments, with plenty of new development and investment being focused on the Old Town area specifically. The Old Town combines convenience (the airport is just a 15-minute walk away) with Spanish style. Living in the heart of this busy, bustling area will allow residents to get the best of both worlds.

Catalan Bay

On the East side of Gibraltar, the former fishing village and cove known as Catalan Bay offers the best of both worlds. The feeling here is somewhere between the chic and cool Ocean Village and the traditional, bustling Old Town.

Residents here enjoy dramatic views of the Rock, and one of the best beaches on the island. The warm Mediterranean waters and idyllic sandy beach makes this a popular spot for sunbathers and swimmers. It’s a small, close-knit community, popular with both long-time Gibraltar residents and tourists.

Managing your finances in Gibraltar

We work to ensure that our clients are matched with the right financial products and services wherever in the world they live.

Based right in the heart of Gibraltar, our representatives can assist you with the full range of financial matters and wealth management services, including inheritance tax planningpension planning, pension transfer schemes, savings and investments.

We listen to you to ensure that our expertise is fully directed towards helping you achieve your objectives.

Whether you need SIPPs or QROPS advice for expats in Gibraltar, or you want to plan overseas asset management, talk to Blacktower’s independent financial advisers in Gibraltar to plan for a more secure and prosperous financial future today. Contact the team on + 350 200 42353, or fill in our contact form above and we can arrange a call at a time that suits you.

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