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As a country that truly celebrates the outdoor lifestyle, Australia is a fantastic place for those who value spending their leisure time out in the fresh air.


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If you’re looking for a laid-back lifestyle with plenty of sun, surf and sand, the land down under could be perfect for you

Living in Australia

Renowned for its warm, welcoming culture, and outstanding job opportunities, it’s not hard to understand why Australia is so attractive to exapts. As a country that truly celebrates the outdoor lifestyle, Australia is a fantastic place for those who value spending their leisure time out in the fresh air.

Benefits of living in Australia

Quality of life

Having been ranked second in the world for quality of life, Australia offers its citizens excellent educational opportunities, environmental quality and above-average income. Australian citizens can also expect to live to 82 (2 years above the UN average) as a result of their impressive healthcare system.

Affordable Land

In comparison to the UK, the cost of land Australia is far cheaper, making it more affordable to design and build your own house and resulting in larger gardens and outdoor spaces. Australian retail estate also tends to be larger and often come with private swimming pools and separate laundry rooms.

Welcoming Communities

As a melting pot of different cultures and religions, Australians are renowned for their friendly, inclusive approach to newcomers. By making the most of the welcoming Australian communities, you can meet new people and feel at home very quickly.

Permanent Residency

Another thing that attracts expats to Australia is the fact that it is one of the easiest places to acquire permanent residency. To obtain this an expat needs to live in the country for four years and then pass a citizenship test.

Best places to move to in Australia


As the capital of New South Wales Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities and as a result offers the most job opportunities out of anywhere in the country. Sydney also boasts its world-famous opera house, food and drink scene as well as its beautiful surroundings.


Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, offering a fantastic music and arts scene as well as a wide variety of culinary experiences. Melbourne’s transport system is one of the best in the country and the city also has relatively low crime rates.

Managing your finances in Australia

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