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Keith Day

International Financial Adviser

Previous Experience

  • Over 20 years of experience in various client facing roles
  • A proven track record in developing strong client relationships and providing client satisfaction

Areas of Expertise

Keith specialises in assisting International Expats looking for good sound financial advice while they are living away from their home country.

Pension transfers – for clients who have worked in the UK, Ireland and The Netherlands looking to transfer their Company and personal pensions into an International, tax efficient Investment Portfolio, benefiting from the opportunity to gain higher annual growth and reduce exposure to taxation.

Wealth Portfolios – for clients who have large cash deposits in local banks and want to obtain a higher annual return on their money by taking advantage of investing in International, tax efficient structures.

Savings Plans – for clients who desire to save money on a regular monthly basis for education purposes or retirement planning.


  • Part 1 MBA in Business Management – 1990-1992
  • Certificate in International Wealth Management – February 2016
  • Diploma in International Wealth Management – August 2016


Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI)


“I worked in the UK from 1985-2005 as a Polish citizen. I had 2 company pensions during that period. After being back in Poland for 10 years and not intending to go back to the UK, I decided to take control of my pensions. Keith helped me to locate, get a valuation and transfer these pensions into a Single, Tax efficient, International Portfolio investment account. I can choose how to invest this money and can see the value on a daily basis online. (not the once a year letter I used to get from the UK). Keith was a great help and very efficient.”  Pawel M.

“When I sat down with Keith I already had 3 houses for rental as an investment base, but Keith explained that having cash investments would spread my Portfolio, reducing the risk level (and give me better access to cash if I needed it in the future). I started a 25-year regular monthly savings plan with Keith. The starting amount was quite small but I increased the monthly payment after 6 months due to the growth performance of the fund. This Monthly Savings fund will be worth 500,000 euros or more at the end of the plan.”  Richard S.

“I started a Lump Sum Portfolio investment with Keith in 2015, which is performing very well. I intend moving more money from my local bank accounts each year to this Portfolio Investment, due the fact that the banks are offering me 1% compared to the possible 8% or more available from my investments with Keith.”  Tony B.

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